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At HVD Life Sciences, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of high quality products that enable our customers to accomplish scientific advancements.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio. For more specific information, select your country of residence and/or the area of interest.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio for Austria. For more specific information, select your  area of interest.


Porvair Sciences specializes in the manufacture of microplate products for all applications, from sample preparation to high-throughput screening. Through Porvair Sciences, we offer equipment and consumables to meet all your microplate needs.


Plasticware & Microplates

We supply the complete range of Porvair consumables, including microplates in many styles, deep-well and shallow-well storage plates, assay plates, luciferase reporter gene plates and liquid handling reagent reservoirs.

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Microplate Equipment

Our range of Porvair microplate equipment includes vacuum manifolds, sealers, evaporators, thawing stations and mixers. From fully manual to fully automated, these products bring simplicity and flexibility to your microplate work.

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